Salty Warriors

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Salty Warriors is an education NGO that aims to raise awareness of the plastic pollution, acidification, overfishing and climate change.

As a nonprofit organisation we are looking to enpower individuals that are fighting for ocean conservation and marine ecosystems.

Salty Warriors mission:

We have the belief that people natuarally protect what they love, so between a collective of creative and enthusiastic people we share our love and care for the ocean.

Salty Warriors Network:


Among us there are pro divers, surf instructors,marine photographers, scientists and many more. We are present in many countries:

  • Spain

  • Australia

  • Wales

  • France

  • Andorra

  • Indonesia

  • Germany

  • Thailand

Salty Warriors Actions:

We believe that we can make a greater impact in the fight against the threats for our oceans. We support meetings, connections and carry on initiatives, like as:

  • Beach/ Ocean

  • Clean ups,

  • Workshops,  

  • Talks and Documentaries.

As one of Thailand embassadors for the organization my main mission and goals are to create awareness about the importance of ocean preservation thought diving education and organize regulary clean ups at Koh Tao beaches and dive sites.

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