Pura Vida Koh Tao, my family at Thailand.

Pura Vida Diving Koh Tao
Whale Shark at Koh Tao
Diving Day with Pura Vida
Pura Vida Diving Koh Tao Boat

Pura vida Diving Koh Tao is a medium diving center with a family and friendly atmosphere. In Koh Tao we are located in Mae Haad just a 2 min walk from the main pier offering great location close to bars, restaurants and everything you need in your stay at the island.

We run begginners activities until instructor courses.

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So, we can help you with all your diving needs from try scuba dive experience to professional level/ training, trough technical diving, freediving courses and equipment advisor/ sales, exploring the seas in a safe and fun manner with all our passion.

Pura Vida Koh Tao - Philosophy:

After 14 years of learning and teaching, our philosophy has not changed: passion for the sea, passion for you, passion for teaching and passion for helping you discover this incredible paradise called Koh Tao. All this to offer you the best quality in our courses and to make you live the best experience of your life.

At Pura Vida Diving we want you to be our family during your stay with us. Our commitment is that you become a diver, but also that you make friends and enjoy your days with us.

Pura Vida Koh Tao - Operation:

At Koh Tao we count with 2 own dive boats running in 3 daily schedule (6:30 AM/ 13:00 PM/ 18:15 PM) giving us total freedom to choose the dive spots and adapting our operation to your need.

We are open 364 days a year (we rest at 1st of January =D).

Pura Vida Koh Tao - Rewards:

Pura Vida is also proudly the number one dive center in Asia for recreational scuba diving certifications and professional certifications, winning awards from SSI for being the best training and career advisor for instructors and divemasters.

Pura Vida around the globe:

We are present in 6 locations in 3 different continents: 

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