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Different ways to work as a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Diving briefing

The instructor job can look pretty straight forward, you follow some standards as you teach, keeps your guest or student SAFE, delivery a nice experience and built a relationship to keep them interested in diving, equipment and trips.

But this can be done in so many ways and in different environments and Dive Centers/ Clubs setup. So as a dive professional you should look for what fits you best or be adaptable and work in different models during your career.

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Here I will list and explain some ways that I come around during my career, even that the positions are not just black-withe and can be a bit of mix, this guide can help future candidates to build their idea of different manners and duties.

#1- Diving Instructor at a Resort

This is the most commonly figure that comes in peoples mind as you say that you work as a dive instructor. Living in tourist locations and exploring the season.

In this kind of position and environment your time with guests are limited since they are in holidays and possibly want to explore more than diving. So here the job is based in short-time experiences and the business model drives by the volume of people that flows in the touristic season.

Your daily job possibly going to be try dives, fun-dives, specs and intro — courses, for this setup works you will need to be a really social person and be good to"communicate"the guest opportunities in short time window so you encourage them to keep diving and learning.

You will face long hours on duty but probably you will dive in amazing reefs and witness great encounters with marine life.

#2- Working in as a diving instructor for a local Dive center/ Clubs

As the concept of a local DC, possibly you are not based in a first-class dive destination but in a community or even metropolis, so the business model is based in long-term costumers trying to strike continuous education and equipment sales. It's fair to say that big percent of local dive shops thrive by sales equipment commission.

Here as a dive professional you will need a long-term relationship with costumers, being a reference figure in your community, offering continuous education and highlighting personal training, local training opportunities, so the divers only"fun dive during their holiday", that your DC also can offer.

#3- Acting as a Freelancer Scuba Instructor

A lot of instructors enters the industry by the beauty and the freedom of the nature of the job, you can follow summers and be in different locations during the whole year round, so if you are not ready for committed for one location, DC or way of work this can be a posibilitie.

Being a freelancer is a good way to experience the location and make sure that this is for you. During the high season months the demand can increase in resorts or local dive centers and it is when the freelancer figure thrive.

#4- Scuba Trip Leader

With the social media and personal influence growing, the trip leader is an increasing business model, where instructors build a personal brand and create relationship with divers and resorts offering small groups services, experiences and trips.

The trip leader figure works as a"local dive center"in it inner circle developing products for their need, like dive packs, trips, etc. One of the characteristic that makes a trip leaders different from a travel agents is that the TL are always in the trips experiencing and sharing moments with the guests, this increase the value for the costumers and delivery a safe net in the product.

Independently how you act remember that instructors are responsible in being a role model for other divers.

As I mention before it's not totally black-white and you can act in more than one business model in the same time. I hope it can be useful to clarify the different territories for beginners instructors.

If you can think in another way to act as an instructor let me know.


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