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No regrets in the barefoot career.

Updated: Jun 28

Becoming a diving instructor was one of the best decision that I took in my life and it turns upside down what I used to know about the world. This decision shake smy perception and my concepts about work environment, relationships, pleasure, mobility, etc...

It's right to say that my travels almost start with my pro diving experience so part of my perception changes come from my movement by the world as well.

But, Like many others my background was the office environment and citylifestyle, soIdidn'tknowanyone that was long-timetraveleror in this kind of workforce.

For the first change I totally lose perception of time while working, in old days I was one of the workers that was counting the days to reach the weekend to be free and do all I want, but since I took the plunge and starting work with diving my pleasure and work get so mixed that I lose track of time and easily forget to get regular days off. It's fair to say that being a resort instructor and working in a holiday island, you are all the time surround with people on vacation and the spirit get spread.

Other point in this phenomenon is that if I am not teaching I would love to be underwater anyway, so the job basically become share what I love with costumers that end up becoming friends during the process.

Before start to travel and move around you always wonder how your relationship with people would become, but it's cold to say that the ones that matters still on touch,nowadays with thetechnology is very easy to keep contact even super far away, so family and friends will understand, and they want you to be happy after all. Some will visit, others not, but you are the moveable one and always come around.

Mobility is a super tempting point in this career for travelers like me. I become a pro diver in my 4th month of travelling, it was supposed to be 6 to 8 months but end up being a lifestyle change. Back in 2012 when I”start”my journey my mindset was“yeah when the money runs out I will return to my normal job”, but took really little time to realize that wasn't my wish I was really enjoying being in control and make my own planning about when and where I would like to be. So the instructor job was a toll for that movement and give me the possibility to have longer“free time”periods, since you can go by seasons, or search for jobs on the way. And it worked I display diving working experience in both coasts of Thailand, South Africa and Brazil. And no diving relate job experience in many other countries.

It's also fair to say that takes some kind of mindset to get used, there is a lot of challenges, long hours and decision-making along the way, but I would not change my barefoot career for anything else.

Share what I love with others make me alive, so everyday I wake up, I dress myself with my board shorts and t-shirts, and super excited I go for my new work day, wondering:“How the day will go?”

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