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Koh Tao slowly allows scuba diving activities.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Barracudas at Koh Tao

Koh Tao, Thailand, one of the biggest scuba diving destinations around Southeast Asia, or even around the world starts to come back slowly into the underwater world. Following a list of requisites now the operators can take divers out after a 7 weeks pause in all activities.

As one of the few spots around the globe with zero cases of covid, Koh Tao authorities had done a good job increasing the control for entering the island and it now shows some results, since the restaurants were allowed to open at the 3th of may and now the Dive Shops and step by step the atmosphere of the island have changed for a more liveable and enjoyable place.

The dive centers are running limited trips for most tourists that were here before the lockdown and/or continuous training with divers that saw obligated to stop their courses in 30st of march after the government order.

I as an instructor trainer and staff of one of the shops, find really important to follow strictly the new measures and to try some different operative models in a small scale, allowing to the Dive Centers to adapt their operation for a possible “new normal/ reality”.

Here some measures:

#1-Boats with 50% of the capacity.

#2-Ratio per Instructor/ Guide is 1x2.

#3-Allow one meter of distance in the boat/ shop

#4-Use masks during all the possible moments.

#5-Sanitizer for costumers and staff in the entrance and exit.

#6-Temperature check before entering the shop.

#7-Sanitizer for mouth piece just before jump the water/ Diver self clean.

#8-The rented gear should be marked and the costumer need to keep the same equipment during the whole activities/ course.

#9-Food buffet and shared utensils are not allowed.

#10-Costumers should be already on the island for at least 14 days and present the health control check from the authorities or prove with property bookings that they were here during the whole time.

Everything still uncertain since there is no flux of tourism and the Island still close, but the authorities are analyzing day-by-day what are the best solutions. At 16th of May we should know about the reopening of the island and the relaxation of measure #10.

We at PuraVida Diving KohTao are taking slow to better plan the outcome, right now we are set to dive 3 days per week (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, depending on of a minimum number of divers) keeping the boat capacity super low and focus on solutions for the next months.

Everything can change and all the diving community should take small and slow steps to guarantee the safety of our fellow divers, but I can say that feels pretty GREATto be back underwater.


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