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10 Tips to improve your air consumption during scuba diving.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

As a Dive Instructor one of the question that I most heard is: How can I improve my Air consumption?

There are numerous of reasons for divers to try speed up this progress, normally they want to enjoy the underwater world longer or only be able to pair with someone with a better air consumption.

The point is that: there is no secret for a good SAC rate, that is a progress and it will take some time and dives, but here I will list some tips that you can focus during the journey.

#1- Focus in the dive.

Mainly in the beginning of your diving journey distractions as cameras can be a factor that make your consumption worse, so until you are comfortable with yourself avoid extra activities.

#2- Improve your buoyancy.

A good buoyancy control will help this process, this is one of the most important points to improve the air consumption, so keep learning, for this I recommend the Perfect Buoyancy Specialty certification.

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#3- Keep your equipment well-placed.

An equipment close to your body will avoid drag and you will be more aquadynamic.

#4- Check the weight in your buoyancy system.

Diving with proper weight is important for your safety in every dive.

#5- Dive, Dive, Dive.

More you dive better you get, no big surprise here, but it's pretty common that divers compare the air consumption, but remember not everybody is in the same level and moment.

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#6- Vary your kicking circles.

Different sceneries ask for different approach so increase your repertory for kicking styles and vary it during the dive avoiding fatigue.

# 7- Improve and keep a good breathing circle.

Normal inhaling and longer exhaling is a great way to start controlling this aspect during diving.

# 8 - Use your own diving gear.

Nothing beats the fit and comfortable of having your own total diving system.

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#9- Keep active.

Your shape or resistance out of the water will interfere in your performance, so practice sports regularly.

#10 - Don't think too much in the air consumption.

More you think worst get, the brain demand a lot of O2 when you have fixed idea, so relax, enjoy and dive.

Always remember that during your diving journey you are always learning and this is one of the beauties of the activity, so enjoy all your dives, keep safe and have fun.


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