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Chalok Bay Koh Tao
Shark Bay Koh Tao
Mae Haad Koh Tao
koh nangyuan - Koh Tao
Koh Tao beach

Koh Tao is a tropical Paradise Island in the Gulf of Thailand, with just 21 square kilometers of the area is a perfect get away from the rustle of big cities without losing the socialization, good bars, restaurants, and services.

I fall in love with Koh Tao during my first visit in the begging of 2013 and since then my stay just got longer and longer here, now I call this island home.

One of the things I love about Koh Tao is the sense of community since the occupation on the island is pretty recent. So everybody that is here for the long term wants to make the island a good place to live and visit.

The west coast of the island offers everything you would need for a relaxed stay and life. The east side still pretty much green and untouched, you can stay in resorts in some secluded area or visit these beaches by motorbike in a couple of minutes. 

Koh Tao in the Thai Language means Turtle Island, some say the reason is it's a shape that remembers the animal, others say that the name comes from the habitants of the bay. Independently of the reason, you may see some of the lovely sea creatures in your diving/ snorkeling adventures on the island.

Activities to do in Koh Tao: 


Koh Tao is worldwide known for being one of the great spots in the world to learn to scuba dive or to start a career with the activity.

Check out why Diving in Koh Tao is a must-to-do. 

Besides that Koh Tao offers plenty to see and to do, here come some ideas for your holiday and stay:


  • Sunbath in one of the amazing beaches

  • Snorkeling in a pristine bay

  • Hiking to viewpoints

  • Climbing around the island 

  • Yoga

  • Flying Trapeze

  • Freediving courses

  • Enjoying local and international cuisine

  • Massage

  • Party around Sairee Beach

  • Enjoy one of the festivals on the island

  • Or just enjoy yourself with a cocktail by the pool

Koh Tao is a perfect destination for the ones seeking adrenaline and also for the ones looking for calmness and relaxation under the palm trees and crystal clear water on beaches.

How to get to Koh Tao:

The only way to reach Koh Tao is by boat from the mainland (Surathani or Chumphon) or from the neighbor's islands. But you can combine the journey with other kinds of transportation like train, plane or bus.

Fast option: Around Koh Tao, there are 3 airports nearby that make the journey shorter, They are Samui International Airport, Surat Thani International Airport, and Chumphon Airport from there you can pick joint transfers to Tao.

Economic option: Another option is to travel by land until the departure pier, the cheapest combination is the transfer pack with BUS + FERRY, it's also possible to travel by TRAIN + FERRY. Both options depart from Bangkok. 

From other main tourist cities like Phuket or Krabi, you also can find joint tickets (BUS + FERRY) that bring you to Koh Tao.

Koh Tao Weather: 

Being an habitant of the island, When should I visit Koh Tao is one of the main questions I receive, so:

Koh Tao can be visited all year round, there is always somewhere calm should the weather be windy on one of the coasts.


Conditions are changeable throughout the year, with Koh Tao’s monsoon usually arriving between November and the beginning of December. The warmest months are from March until June. 


The boat service is available all year round.